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Welcome to the 16th Healthcare Forum and Exhibition under the theme “Vision of Future Healthcare in Libya“, organized by Al Waha Expos Company with the support of the Government of National Unity and the Ministry of Health. The event will take place in (24th – 27th/ June /2024).

We are proud to present this prominent forum and exhibition, which brings together leading doctors, specialists, healthcare institutions, medical equipment and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and experts to showcase the latest developments and technologies in the healthcare sector.

This exhibition serves as a unique platform for exchanging experiences and knowledge, as well as discovering the latest advancements in the healthcare sector. You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest medical technologies, innovations, and interact with experts and professionals in the field. Here, you will find a diverse range of high-quality medical products and services that reflect progress and advancements in the fields of medicine and treatment.

We look forward to an inspiring experience and an opportunity for learning and innovation. We extend our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the success of this important event.

Tripoli International Fair Grounds
24 – 25 – 26 – 27 June

Our Vision

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Our vision is to be a hub for progress and innovation in the field of healthcare. We strive to provide an interactive and inspiring environment that brings together the latest technologies and the best medical minds to support the health and safety of our community , We look forward to be pioneers in achieving positive change in society by providing innovative healthcare services and advanced facilities that reflect leadership and excellence in the field of healthcare.

We aim to enhance health awareness and encourage innovation and medical research to improve the quality of healthcare. We are committed to delivering comprehensive and innovative medical solutions that are based on the highest standards of quality and personal care.


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  • Enhancing health awareness.

  • Providing a platform for communication and collaboration.

  • Presenting and promoting health innovations.

  • Promoting public health and prevention.

  • Enhancing partnerships and business relationships.

  • Offering opportunities for free medical screenings and services.

  • Expanding the participant database.

  • Shedding light on health challenges.

  • Showcasing innovative products, services, and technologies.

accompanying events

  1. A scientific conference and medical seminars.

  2. Demonstrations and workshops.

  3. Market research and surveys.

  4. Free screenings.

  5. B2B.

  6. B2G.

In summary, participating in the Healthcare Exhibition and Forum aims to provide a unique opportunity for companies and professionals to showcase their work and explore partnership opportunities and growth in the healthcare industry.


of healthcare services domestically

Localization of healthcare services domestically is considered one of the most important strategies aimed at achieving sustainable development in Libya. It is crucial for several reasons:

  • Improving the quality of healthcare services provided to Libyan citizens.
  • Creating job opportunities for Libyan youth.
  • Enhancing the capacity of the Libyan economy.
Therefore, achieving the localization of healthcare services requires concerted efforts from all relevant parties, including the government, the private sector, and civil society. The key pillars of healthcare localization include:

Localizing advanced medical training:

Building local medical capacities by developing advanced medical training programs, providing training opportunities for local medical professionals, and attracting international medical expertise.


Localizing all surgical and medical treatments:

Providing comprehensive medical services domestically by establishing specialized medical centers in various fields, equipping them with state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment, and training medical staff on their usage.


Establishing an effective partnership:

between the public and private sectors for healthcare localization and training.


Investing in domestic medical services:

Creating new job opportunities in the healthcare sector and increasing the state’s income from medical services..


Cost-saving measures in healthcare expenditures


Digital health


Disease classification


Pharmaceutical Safety in Libya

expectations for LHE2024

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