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healthcare quality

Focusing on enhancing healthcare quality and patient experience, including implementing best clinical practices, promoting patient safety, and developing quality assessment systems.

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Integrated care

Exploring integrated care models that combine therapeutic, preventive, and rehabilitative aspects, and studying the effectiveness of these models in improving patient experience and health outcomes.

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Global health and health emergencies

Discussing global health issues, such as responding to health emergencies and global pandemics, analyzing challenges, and international collaboration in healthcare.

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Health promotion and disease prevention

This topic focuses on assisting individuals and communities in taking steps to promote their health and prevent diseases. Examples include health education, physical fitness programs, and vaccination campaigns.

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Elderly patient care

This topic focuses on assisting patients with serious medical conditions to live a high-quality life until the end. Examples include palliative care, psychosocial support, and care at home or in long-term care facilities.

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Primary care

This topic focuses on providing basic healthcare to patients, including diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. Examples include visiting a doctor or primary healthcare provider, medications, and diagnostic tests.

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Pharmaceuticals: supplies, and medical equipment

Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies play a crucial role in improving health and saving lives. Healthcare technology is constantly evolving, leading to improvements and advancements in medications, supplies, and medical equipment to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

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Alternative medicine

It encompasses a wide range of therapeutic practices and complementary treatments that are used alongside or as an alternative to traditional medicine.

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Public health and preventive medicine

Preventive medicine aims to prevent diseases and injuries and reduce their spread through a focus on awareness, early diagnosis, and preventive interventions.

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Oral health and dental care

It is an important aspect of public health and well-being, achieved through good oral hygiene practices and regular care from a dentist.